Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Future In Bags: Terminus

I guess when it comes to the word bags, a whole lot of thoughts would come to mind. There's roller bags, laptop bags, tote bags, handbags and even body bags doggie bags! I personally like buying different bags for different occasions but none seem to fit all the requirements because I either need them a little bigger or a little know the drill. We're never all too happy with what we have.

And then comes Terminus.

Born and bred in Malaysia, Terminus is all about function, fun, fashion, feel and form. Well hey, I'm talking about bags and not Tania in the picture above!

Say hello to Terminus bags!

 Mr.Liew Bing, CEO of Terminus explains to us the concept behind the company.

Terminus bags are all well designed by local designers who comes up with greatest ideas in making your bag perfect for whatever it needs to cater to, fun to use with its multiple roles to play, fashionable in various colours, feel good when you carry them and remain in great forms so your belongings are safely guarded.

Each bag is designed with care and with an idea of its own.

But fashionable carries are not forgotten.

Newly opened in 1Utama's new wing, Terminus brings forward their award winning bags to everyone's liking so we could all have our wants and needs satisfied in a single bag.

Showing us how the Terminus New Invisible Urban Roller works.

Doubling as a backpack with rollers that will retract when the handle is pushed in.

Jetting away! It appears that Senri doesn't want me to leave, hence the running at the back.

I always thought backpacks with rollers were great because you could carry them when the roads are a bit dirty for you to wheel your bag. Unfortunately it could get uncomfortable sometimes because the wheels tend to give you a "stabbing" feel as they are placed at the back. With the Terminus New Invisible Urban Roller however, the wheels are placed in FRONT of the bag so when you carry it as a backpack, you don't feel anything and can comfortable take your luggage everywhere! Compartments are also aplenty for you to store just about anything you could think of for a good trip. It's also cabin sized so you don't have to check it in or wait for your bag when you leave the plane!

The Bright Tote bag that lights up when you open it. Runs on 2 double A batteries.

Sorting your belongings easily with the Terminus Transformers 5-in-1 bag.

Other innovative bags includes the Bright Tote that lights up when you unzip it to look for stuff. I think it's a great idea because sometimes it could get difficult to find for things in your bag when light conditions aren't too decent and the lights goes off by itself as you zip it up. Aside to that, the Terminus Transformers 5-in-1 bag doubles as a cabin compliant luggage bag and can also be used as a laptop bag with its detachable feature.

Carrying the Urban Dad; a bag for young parents and hip daddies!

Compartments in the Urban Dad backpack.

I actually fell in love with the Urban Dad backpack even if it's specifically for young parents because it's so big and spacious but at the same time very comfortable to carry. There are slots for wet wipes, iPad storage, baby clothes and milk bottle warmer section with aluminum coats and even a portable diaper changing pad; all in one bag! I have however considered to get it because I could use the main section for clothes, milk bottle warmer to put in hot drinks in bottles and the diaper changing pad as a mat to sit on in case I visit places that are a little dirty. This bag is a multitask-er, people!

As a winner of the Red Dot award alongside various honourable mentions, selected Terminus bags comes with up to a one-year warranty and a return policy within 14 working days! In fact, if you have a grand idea that you think would make a great bag for everyone, Terminus is always open to them and listens attentively in creating a masterpiece in your name. So really, people. What's stopping you from stepping into the future in bags with Terminus? Drop by their store in 1Utama in the New Wing (Opposite Sushi Q) and you can find all these out for yourself!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender

Hello, people! It's the weekends again and there's nothing nicer on a weekend than to be lazy and only tend to effortless things. Seriously, brunches were made for a reason. Which is why even cooking should be kept to a minimal with preparations going from zero to none.

And bam! There's this. 

I've never recalled owning a blender at home because I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen (Breaking women stereotypes!) but very often when I see recipes online that makes any kind of food seem like a circus in your mouth, I actually have the urge to make it. But of course, it would require a blender...which I don't even think we have.

A complete set.

The set of Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender comes with the body of the blender, a mini chopper, the break-resistant blender beaker and the coolest thing of it all: the On-The-Go bottle. Bear in mind also that the blender itself packs up to 350W in motor power while its blades goes on to tackle both soft and hard ingredients.

Detachable blender blades.
With detachable blades made of stainless steel, washing and changing blades for different uses is actually pretty easy. Plus there's even a rubber grip to the sides of the blender blade unit so it holds firmly to the chopper, blender beaker or On-The-Go bottle as it deals with everything inside but slips right off to wash really easily.
 Easy directions to attach and detach blades.

All removable parts are also dishwasher safe for people who find it a lot easier to pop it in the machine when there's a full load of dishes to do and can be put away easily without taking up much space in the kitchen because of its size and cool features such as a cord storage at the bottom of the blender body.

Trying the blender out.

In case you think I'm all talk and no do, here's something I've done recently. I made a good serving of orange-carrot smoothie then hid all day in my room catching up on the Hong Kong series that I've been missing out on during work times. I guess you could call me a couch potato smoothie.

Half-finished fresh smoothie.

My bad with the picture above, I forgot to take a picture of my finished product because it was actually REALLY good especially given that it was a hot day. There was no sugar or water added, unlike smoothies you'll get in premises outside that are probably loaded with nasty stuff to seem like you're getting a whole lot out of your money.

You could get more info on where to grab your own Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender and other details such as pricing and what not from this link. Just remember people, it's always better to make your own juices and smoothies than to buy them from outside. It's friendly to your wallet, good for your health and happy for your tummy! If you've got good smoothie recipes, do share with me too! Until then, it would probably be orange-carrot smoothie 80% of the time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Movie Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey

Food is memories.

"It's a 100 foot, we measured!"
Image source:

Hello people! Surprise surprise with a midnight review (my mother will not be pleased to see this!) but I really cannot shut up about the movie I just caught at the Churpremiere by Churp Churp. So if you didn't know, I absolutely love food. And when it comes to such fine culinary, I love watching it being prepared just as much as eating it which is why the invites to catch The Hundred-Foot Journey was pretty important to me. I needed to get fat watch it!

And I got vouchers to a cooking demo by Le Cordon Bleu!

Based on a novel by Richard C. Morais, The Hundred-Foot Journey captures the essence of the Kadam family as they shift from Mumbai to London before setting off to Europe in search of a better place for living. As a family who once owned a restaurant before it was burned down by mobs where they lost their mother (and Papa's wife), it seemed only natural for the Kadam's to re-open a restaurant where they saw fit and as the brakes would see it, the place had to be in France; the land of good food. Nothing of course, comes easy when the spot that Papa sets his eyes on is directly opposite a renowned French restaurant with a single Michelin star and a little war ensues in this East meets West matter.

The verdict of this 2 hour movie? I loved it. I loved every moment of it right from the beginning till the very end. It was hilarious, it was delicious and it was down right heart warming. There were so much food, so much music and so much laughter to go with the entire movie, I would actually pay to re-watch this when it comes out on the 28th of August on the big screens. Yes, if you didn't realize by now, Churpremiere is a premiere screening so I caught all this action beforehand and I'm here to tell you that you absolutely HAVE to watch this.

"He looks like a bloody terrorist," -Papa Kadam

Before anyone thinks I am racist, that's a line from the movie. Manish Dayal plays Hassan Kadam, the young chef with a palate fit to cook for a king and is torn between keeping up to his roots of Indian cuisine or venture into the classy dishing of fine French food. Not surprisingly, this is my first time watching Dayal on-screen but I thought he played Hassan Kadam just fine. His innocent looks and determined expression with a tinge of softness alongside pangs of guilt and reminiscence falls perfectly in place whenever needed and I don't quite think anyone could do a better job as Hassan Kadam than Dayal already did. On the plus side, he is also kind of cute.

"Têtu comme un bœuf; stubborn as an ox."

I could have sworn to recognize Madam Mallory's voice throughout the entire movie and I was right because Helen Mirren was also Dean Hardscrabble from Monsters University! Portraying the cold, calm and collected Madam Mallory, Mirren absolutely puts a different kind of class to her act and I would actually say the only other few actresses who can do the same is Julie Andrews and possibly Dame Maggie Smith. I loved how she was first just distant but warmed up all the same to the Kadam family, displaying a true spirit of how a classy woman can be even if she had to go out of her own way to deal with the extraordinary. Overall, not too bad!

"War it is."

You want to know who made this entire movie a success? Om Puri as Papa Kadam, that's who. I've never watched Om Puri act and that's no shocker because he has mostly been in the Indian movie scene but in The Hundred-Foot Journey, he was just perfect. Injecting hilarious moments and momentary sadness, Puri as Papa Kadam is probably the best pick with no one else doing it as well as he can. His short conversations in Tamil makes you remember that even if you're abroad, there is nothing wrong with going back to your roots where you began and no shame should be felt over it. Seriously, I loved watching Papa Kadam just as much as I enjoyed seeing Hassan cook. Three Michelin stars for Om Puri!

"You must find them in your heart. Then, bring them to your pots."

May I just say that Charlotte Le Bon has one of the prettiest pair of eyes, ever? Seriously, they are big and round in such a way that it just compliments her smile and every other gesture. Playing Marguerite, a sous chef in the restaurant run by Madam Mallory, she appears to be one of the kindest and most helpful ladies around. I wouldn't have done half of what she has done and her natural display of jealousy towards Hassan felt so real, I almost wanted to scream as the movie went on. I was desperate to tell her that she's good but someone else may just be better but that just means she's done a great job at her act, right? And man, those eyes!

"Three is only for the Gods."
Image source:

And where does that leave us? Ah yes, my final say. Book your tickets, bring some food and enjoy the movie. It's way better than whatever you could possibly think of watching (Especially if you're thinking of watching Lucy, please for the love of God, don't do it.) and is going to be worth your every cent. Hunger as you exit the cinema is at your own risk. On a personal scale, I'm propelling it to a whooping 9/10 for its hilarious measures, saliva worthy food shots and the warm message that you should go ahead to discover by yourself in the movie. After all, cooking is a passionate affair when you discover that life's greatest journey begins with the first step!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Movie Review: Lucy

I am everywhere.

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A movie review! It feels like it's been forever since my last premiere screening (Actually it's probably just been 8 months because I stopped going when I began to work full time) and Lucy felt like the right movie to start off with. But I was wrong.

The movie starts off with...animals. Seriously, it's so apt when I say the movie is all about monkey business! What seemed like the most simple job in the world turned sour for Lucy when she's suddenly caught in a deal of drug trafficking and life turns topsy turvy for her. And what you see in the trailers is just about what you get on excitement. There's nothing more. And I didn't like the movie any more than I like durians. If you're wondering...I hate durians.

I'll smirk, because I have access to my brain that you don't.
Image source:

For someone with such a pretty face and a figure to die for, Scartlett Johansson plays Lucy in the movie...uhm...Lucy. The sad thing however is that she is so monotonous in this movie, I thought the character would have been better off played by Kristen Stewart. The only times that Johansson had any forms of facial expressions is when she seemed scared and for that too, I was extremely disturbed with the close ups that the director wanted. It was so intriguingly disgusting, I don't even know what to really say about it.

  Hello? What? You mean I'm not spared from this bad movie?
Image source:

Even "God" is not spared in Lucy, with a mediocre act that certainly did not impress me at all. If anything, I think this is one of the few movies that I have seen of Freeman that I am completely not liking. In fact, there were so many close up shots of Freeman in the movie that I couldn't stop counting his pores and moles. [Edit: Tania told me that it is a skin condition that Freeman has called DPN] 

So my final verdict on Lucy? I'll say it only marks off 2/10 on my personal scale but of course that's just because I am not someone who has a good looking for these kind of movies. Seriously, you need so much brains to watch it that 100% of its capacity isn't even enough. If you're someone who enjoys a little sci-fi to top with some action and Scarlett Johansson hotness, you could make your way to the cinemas but it just isn't my kind of show.

Kristen Stewart, just because I think she she would have been a better Lucy. Naturally.

Thanks for the tickets to the Churpremiere to Lucy however, Churp Churp. You have re-opened my involvement in premiere screenings and I'm hoping to be there a little more than before.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Earth Care Soaps & Scrubs

Backing away from my momentary sadness from losing a job I quite enjoyed, the arrival of Earth Care's soap and scrub that I won from Isabel's giveaway got to me at an extremely apt time.

Imagine when you come home to this on your last day of work!

And very well packaged.

I trust Samantha from Earth Care was worried that the post people wouldn't give much bother about the parcel so the package came in layers of bubble wraps, perfect for popping fun after opening it up! Just a little background on Earth Care before I proceed. Earth Care sells organic skincare products that are 90% to 100% vegan using only quality ingredients derived from plant-based materials. What's meant by a little less than 100% vegan could be that they include ingredients such as beeswax, honey, milk from cows or goats, and yogurts. Earth Care products are strictly against animal testing and do nor use lard or tallow.

Organic handmade bodyscrub and bodysoap for the win!

Personally, I've never put much thought into organic items, much less bodyscrubs and bodysoaps. While I swore to vigorously apply lotion after showers, that died down after a little bit so I am now making a mental note to fall in love with bodyscrubs and organic handmade bodysoaps just so my skin is less dry from now onwards. Fingers crossed that I won't abandon this dream midway.

Carrot & Turmeric mix.

And a really adorable carving to boot.

The variant that I got was the carrot & turmeric organic handmade bodysoap that helps to boost the skin's glow that's especially useful for dry and dull skins. It was almost like someone from Earth Care was stalking me beforehand because that's exactly what I'm experiencing. In fact, there's been little marks on my hands and fingers of which I believe are pigmentation marks right now so that should just about explain how my skin is. The blend of smells from this soap is amazing. It wasn't overly strong and lathered just right with the correct amount of water mixed to it.

From what Isabel suggested, I cut off a little piece off the bar so the rest of it does not get wet and can be kept for longer use. This could well replace my anti-bacterial shower gel now because I really love how the skin feels comfortably refreshed and the scent that the soap itself gives out. This 100g bar sells for RM 18 and comes in a really nice looking bag asides to the intricate carving on the bar itself.

Wake me up bodyscrub!

Infused with pink Himalayan sea salt, citrus & oatmeal.

For someone who hardly uses bodyscrubs because I've never quite believed in things like this, I've fallen completely head over heels for this. A twist of the cap gives you that refreshing citrus scent and the blend with oatmeal makes it actually smell like cake batter. I am not kidding. It actually smells like the batter for any lemon cakes that you would make so if you're a lover of these yummy treats, you will LOVE this bodyscrub.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the bodyscrub every 2 days in a week's time and I found myself fairly refreshed after each scrub. It was almost like telling my skin that it's time to get pampered and that was exactly how I felt. While I also thought I may dislike the feeling after if it did give me that oily touch but to my surprise, there was no oily feeling after my shower even when the ingredients does say it uses coconut oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil. What a bliss. This 150g organic handmade scrub goes at RM 24 per jar and should be kept dry at all times. In fact, you can even put it in the refrigerator to keep up to 3 months!


For someone who isn't a believer of these things, Earth Care soaps have someone given me a different perspective to such relaxingly good feels. You should also be checking out their lip scrubs, lip balms and various other goodies that they offer because they're all organic and all homemade. Nothing like knowing the products you're using is safe for yourself and the environment, right?

Earth Care Soaps website:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What It's Like

As much as I despise blog posts that are depressing and horrifically mood killing, I guess this one had to come. If you would have noticed while being on my social media, I have been a little under the weather over a little matter; that is that I have once again joined the unemployment line. It wasn't that I quit nor did the company truly kick me out on bad terms, but they did hit a little turbulence and had to let some of us off. It was unexpected. It had to be done. And nobody should be blamed for it.

So what's it like to be unemployed again after going on a freelance basis for 4 months and full timing over 8 months? Boring. I swear, the peer pressure CAN get to you as you see everyone talking about work or pursuing respective degrees and masters. For a moment, you will feel like the most insignificant being around while attempting to pick up pieces of what feels like a broken world. You will speak about your office and the people in it as though you still belong and even worse than that, you will have a moment where you wake up thinking you're late to work.

So long, farewell.

On the flip side however, there are also days when you will tell yourself a better day is coming. Surely the feeling sucks in having to fight with just about 1974824 more fresh graduates out there for a job that you have set your eyes on, but it doesn't mean you should let your guard down. Plus, there is more time for things like friends and family for the time being. The amount of time you suddenly have in your hands for random things like swimming or sitting around to blog while sipping on a cup of earl grey tea is actually very relaxing.


It's been an entire week since the news broke to my family, friends and I so I suppose things are still a little chaotic. From sorting out what I should do next to wondering where I should be, it's all a blur. But that's alright. Because after a storm comes the rainbow...or something like that. I'll find my pot of gold by the end, I'm sure.

In the mean time, I am now open for freelance copywriting again so if you know of someone who needs anything written for them, you know where to get me!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

May The Force Be With LEGOLAND

Before you scroll down to read what this is all about, I advise you to leave this video playing so you get the entire feel to it.

Dun, dun, dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun...

While I am no huge Star Wars fan, there is simply something that you can get from "The Imperial March" that absolutely gives you goosebumps each time you hear it. But hear ye if you're a huge fan of the force because something is coming up at LEGOLAND Malaysia on the 6th of September! If you're guessing there's a little Star Wars coming around then you're right on the target! 

Are you feeling it? Are you?

That's right, LEGOLAND Malaysia will be launching the LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display in conjunction with the resort's second anniversary. Nobody will be left in the sweltering heat however as a standalone complex that is fully air-conditioned has been built to house the 2,000 LEGO models recreated based on the popular film series on a 1:20 scale with over 1.5 million bricks used. Inside this octagonal building is where all force lovers will find seven of the most famous scenes in the film series - six from the Star Wars film franchise and one from the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Are you ready to step into the Galactic Empire?

Set with a specially designed pre-screening area for the LEGO Star Wars movie along with a walk down the Star Wars memory lane, fans of the force will find themselves staring at planets Christophsis, Hoth and Naboo just to name a few before going on a picture frenzy at the Hall of Fame with main characters such as Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Yoda that stand on raised platforms and stand 85 cms high! Take selfies, you must. And if that itself doesn't seem to be enough, life-sized LEGO models of C-3PO, Darth Vader and R2-D2 made of over 80,000 LEGO bricks are also set to greet visitors as they step into the model display area.

Beep beep!

With models built in several locations around the world such as Malaysia, Germany and Czech Republic, each display will be featured with sounds, actions and lighting effects too so you actually get that realistic touch to an unforgettable experience especially if you're a Star Wars fan. I can almost hear the shrieks of Star Wars lovers now. Be prepared to put up a savings tub now because there's also a retail store in the complex where you can feed your inner Star Wars geek with endless LEGO Star Wars merchandises. 

 Tell me you don't want to see Darth Vader in his LEGO form. Tell me.

Costing over RM 6 million to build, the LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display is LEGOLAND's biggest development of the year and activities will be set throughout the entire September which includes free entries for children dressed as Star Wars characters and Annual Pass holders getting special previews from the 1st to 5th September 2014 as long as you sign up online and tell them you'll kill (not literally) to be there for the sneak peek before anyone else!

If at any rate you think I'm not even giving you good enough information about this amazing attraction, you can always check out or call them at +607-597 8888 to know a little more than just this. I mean, I know where I'll be going in September at least.